Thursday, 22 November 2007

Money influenced music industry, sadly

It hit me this morning when listening to radio one, something i never usually notice. 'Trust us to tell you all you need to know in music and to bring you all the new artist from around the world' all i REALLY heard was, 'trust us to brainwash you, and take complete control of the music market in this country' i maybe am going a bit OTT but its not just radio 1 its the music industry in general thats doing this. What happened to music fans going out there and finding new stuff out for themselves. I want to listen to music i like, not what the industry tells me to like. If anyone has a similar or opposing opinion then please post i want to know what you guys think. If anyone wants impartial advice on music, and bands similar to there taste then please drop me a line so i can help you.
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Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Welcome music fans

Hello my fellow music fans. As you can see this is my first blog, so it won't contain any main theme, however in the future i plan to concentrate the blog towards music(when i say music i dont mean writing it) and all its manifestations. Music is very personal, this is why i wish to help everybody out there discover something more and hopefully new, that will open your eyes to other possibilities. Whatever you taste or preference, please give me feed back on what you would like to know, i really hope i can help. Chris